ALCUSTOM carbon sportfisherman

AL30 fishing boat in the waves

The idea behind the ALCustom project was clear: create the best fishing boat ever built.
Generic but clear. Generic because the word “best” can have many meanings.
Ok, just consider them all.
It’s years now that concerns about hull’s quality are extinct. The ability to navigate through the waves has indeed become legendary thanks to repeated direct comparisons to many other boats, both in difficult and in more than severe conditions.

ALCUSTOM fishing boat

The cutting of the carbon fiber, carried out in temperature and humidity controlled conditions.

And so today, whoever is interested in  open sportfisherman, has in the brand “ALCUSTOM” an undisputed referring point. But, being the best fishing boat between the waves is not a result that comes for free.
Since the beginning, to design the progenitor (AL 30) we chose the American Naval architect Lou Codega, universally known as one of the best in the world in this field. To reach results even higher than what the real fans could imagine, we moved then to the intensive use of carbon fiber for the construction of our boats.

ALCUSTOM carbon sportfisherman

AL21: carbon bracket and sides, with mighty “stringer grid”

In the world of fishing boats it has been a revolution, which led ALCUSTOM to performances that the entire competition still cannot even approach.
Our hi-tech projects, or rather AL-TECH, together with the massive use of carbon fiber, set ALCUSTOM in a world apart from any other hull: all parameters such as acceleration, fuel consumption, stability and ability to dry navigate in the waves are improved by a good 40 per cent, related to the standards recently known.
With its innovative way of thinking, ALCUSTOM redefined new standards to which no one can nowadays remain indifferent. At least, not those who want to stay on the market of high-end fishing boat.

ALCUSTOM: hi-tech boats

AL21: coupling the hull and the liner.

Obviously, the AL CUSTOM quality does not stop at just the hull. Every detail reflects the will of being the best: from the entire cushions that does not absorb water, to the A4 steel screws made in Germany, to the valuable pre-anodized aluminum of the T-top, and to the accurate electrical wiring with waterproof connections and breakers.

ALCUSTOM carbon sportfisherman

The console of the fishing boat AL21: assembly of all electronic components.

Especially, ALCUSTOM firmly believes in continuous research and innovation. With small but significant steps forward in technology, our fishing boats improve day after day. The latest example is the new carbon bracket, exclusive project developed and implemented by ALCUSTOM that equips all our boats (except of course the AL19) from 2014 onwards. This represents at best the AL CUSTOM philosophy.

ALCUSTOM fisherman

ALCUSTOM, fast sailing…