Fishing: lures to try

Lures to try

Particular lures to try. But how much room is there for imagination and experimentation while fishing at sea? Do we have time and will to try new things risking to put away a “zero” in our logbooks? One of the great pleasures that fishing offers me is exactly this, to test lures that from the beginning were not designed to flicker in salty water, and instead turning out working, if used in the appropriate circumstances. Weevers are weevers, little and selective fish, but it’s just an example of the potential that a spinner bait can have when scraping the bottom. There are dozens of lures that descend from black bass fishing, and that can be adapted to the marine environment; some already use them regularly and have learned the tricks, improving the results.
I invite you to spend a bit of time… surprises could exceed expectations.

Content & photo by Nicola Zingarelli