A photogenic grouper of Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean: a “monstrously” photogenic grouper

If one day someone told me I can photograph only one species of fish, it would probably be groupers – or snappers, it would be a good struggle – with a sort of preference for the ones of the indian ocean, certainly the most interesting, colourful and photogenic ones.
Once you manage to put them in the cockpit of a fisherman, quiet complicate to do, especially if caught at popping or jigging, they’ll do anything to make your life easy!
They are very “die hard”, so you can afford a few more shots. And they are patient: they get handled without any resistance even from those who have less experience with big fish. They keep still, with no tail shaking or convulsive moves… perfect models for a passionate photographer and obviously they are breath-taking both in front of an ultra wide angle or a 35 mm (APS, so it’s like having a 52mm – just to be technically precise) as in this case.
I fooled you, haven’t I? You thought it was a 16mm or something like that, but it is not. Even with normal lens and a patient subject you can do strange things.

Content and photos by Nicola Zingarelli