Il dentice è sicuramente uno degli sparidi di maggiore interesse alieutica. Gli individui giovani hanno attitudine gregaria, gli adulti sono più solitari.

Dentice, catturato a traina col vivo, in primo piano

The Red Snapper is definitely one of the most interesting fish in Med waters. The mouth, gives us clear ideas about its diet, infact this fish is armed with four sharp teeth on both jaws, followed by a row of very sharp little teeth. The snapper can reach a maximum length of 100 cm, and can weighs over 14 kgs but the average usually stands between 30 and 50 centimeters. In the scientific literature there is also a report in Corfu in the 60 ‘of a specimen weighing less than 42 kgs and of 160cm in length, unfortunately not documented.

Content e Photo by Antonio Varcasia