Tarpon, for anglers, is a true icon of sport fishing

Tarpon, a true icon of sport fishing: the goal of many trips to the tropics

The tarpon (Megalops Atlanticus) is the most important member of the genus Megalops , name that derives from the greek (megalo: great ; OPSI: face).
This fish for anglers is a true icon of sport fishing: a dream, a nightmare , the goal of many trips to the tropics. All this has created a legend around this fish known by various names, including “the silver king“. In the United States gamefish for excellence, since 1955 has been declared fish symbol of the state of Alabama. In this state, as well as in Florida you need a special permit to keep (kill) a tarpon, although the low commercial value of its meat and especially its majesty and beauty makes catch and release for this fish mandatory. The tarpon is widespread in the Atlantic Ocean from the coast of Senegal to the Congo and Angola, while in west atlantic its territory goes from North Carolina in the USA to Bahia in Brazil, with a particular frequency in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean. However Tarpon have been caught much outside of this range, such as in Nova Scotia and in Argentina in the South. The Tarpon was also found in the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the channel Panama and around Cohiba Island.

contenent and photo by Antonio Varcasia