Fisherman ALCUSTOM AL25 in Turkey, beween Eurape and Asia.

In the foreground, Hi-Tech console with Raymarine instruments. On background, Istanbul, Turkey.

An ALCUSTOM AL25 fisherman in navigation, between the waters of the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.
In the background, the charming city of Istanbul; in the foreground the Boğaziçi Köprüsü bridge over the Bosphorus, joining the two halves of the city, the Asian one and the European one.

Fisherman ALCUSTOM AL25 sailing in the waters off Istanbul

AL 25 “Portofino” sailing in the waters off Istanbul

The project of linking the two continents is very old, but it came true only in modern times. It seems that the first one thinking about the construction of a bridge over the Bosphorus was the Persian Emperor Darius the Great, then it was the turn of his successor Xerxes.
However, In both cases we are talking about “removable” structures, hundreds of ships lined up to join the two sides.

Fishing Boat AL25 in Turkey, bettween Asia and europe under the Istanbul skyline.

The logo AL CUSTOM under the Istanbul skyline.

The first permanent structure you see in these photos, was completed only in 1973, “welding” once again, after the visionary project of Xerxes, Asia and Europe.
The AL25 center console “Portofino” today navigates under that bridge.

Fisherman ALCUSTOM sailing near the Bosphorus Bridge.

The Bosphorus Bridge which connects Europe and Asia

Photo courtesy Capt. Ilker Mat