Fisherman AL CUSTOM AL 30
Fisherman AL CUSTOM AL 30


We want to draw your attention on the difference between official consumption data, absolutely real and precisely certified, provided by our competitors and our trackings in real life conditions. As a matter of fact most of the data you read around, although authentic, are useless. What I mean is that nobody will ever use an AL CUSTOM fisherman without instrumentation, with reduced trim, low fuel, no fishing tackle, sailing for just about 10 minutes, in perfectly calm sea conditions, before the wind and following the current.
Instead, we offer you authentic data, drawn from long crossings and challenging catches carried out together with AL CUSTOM’s owners: very often they are the ones who will provide you with facts which are our pride and on which we’ll continue investing to design AL CUSTOM.
So here they are:
AL30: I’ve personally lead this all black boat, renowned all over the web, to Sardinia, some weeks ago. With a full fuel tank (a thousand litres) at a cruising speed of 30/31 knots, fuel consumption has been of 78/79 litres per hour.
AL25: At 27 knots (full fuel tank) fuel consumption is around 45/48 litres per hour and we are talking about a 8,40 meter boat, not far from 28 feet.

Fisherman AL CUSTOM AL25 - 2014


AL21: 90 miles from Genoa, Liguria, Italy to Sant Florent, Corsica. Departing full tank, fully equipped and travelling at 27 knots, with only 90 litres: exactly one litre per mile. AL21 is 7 meters long and 2,50 wide, a real 23 feet.

fisherman AL CUSTOM AL21


I insist on the point that these are real numbers resulting from surveys carried out in normal conditions, always together with the boat’s owners, during long crossings, sufficiently loaded.
Match these real data to the real sizes and judge yourself!

Andrea Lia